How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop

It’s happened – you were unfortunately involved in your first auto accident; everyone is okay but your trusty vehicle has suffered the blow and is in need of repairs. Your insurance company points you in one direction, your local dealership recommends a different auto body shop and your favorite dog loving neighbor tells you to go to his cousin’s best friend’s son’s auto body shop. Choosing an auto body shop can be an overwhelming and foreign task which is why we talked to the experts so you can be prepared.

Did you know in the state of Ohio you reserve the right to take your vehicle to the body shop of your choosing? Not only that, you are not required to get multiple estimates. You read that correctly – you only have to get one estimate from the body shop of your choosing! How can you choose the right auto body shop for you?

– Your insurance company will likely recommend an auto body shop in your area that works directly with them (direct repair program). You are not obligated to use the shop your insurance recommends but it does come with some perks such as a more seamless process as well as being backed by a trusty guarantee!
– If your dealership doesn’t have an actual body shop on premises, they likely partner with a local body shop. It is likely that the recommended body shop has gone through extensive training specific to your vehicle make and model.
– Your friends, family and neighbors will surely be quick to voice both positive and negative experiences at their local body shops. While we are grateful for personal reviews in this day and age, here are some things you might want to ask the body shop – do you have a rental vehicle presence on premises, are your technicians I-Car certified, do you offer your own warranty/guarantee outside of the insurance company?

Some additional items to keep in mind:

While you are not obligated to get more than one estimate, you absolutely can shop around if it makes you feel more comfortable or if you just want to test the waters of their customer service!

Body work + paint can add up quickly so don’t be surprised when you see the final estimate!

A common misconception is that the auto body shop chooses which kind of parts to use on your vehicle (aftermarket, used, new). This is false! Your insurance company actually makes that decision. If you have questions about what your insurance company allows – please call us and we would be happy to go over your policy with you!

Of course, we hope you never have to visit an auto body shop but in the event that you do, please know we are here for you to walk you through the process or offer guidance.

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