Christmas Tree Safety

‘Tis the season of merriment, joy, good food, and creating beautiful family memories. Whether you take a page out of Clark Griswold’s book or if you find you’re more akin to the Grinch, we want to make sure our clients safely enjoy the holidays. Here are a few tips to keep you singing of good cheer well into the new year!

  • Is there anything better smelling than a fresh cut Christmas tree? Maybe fresh baked cookies. For those of you who still enjoy visiting Christmas tree farms with the fam to pick out the PERFECT tree (not too big, Clark), make sure you understand that real trees come with real responsibility. Real trees must stay adequately watered or else they will dry out; a dry tree + electrical lights pose a serious fire risk. Make sure to check the water basin daily.
  • Cats, our feline friends; the only thing a cat likes better than a cardboard box is climbing into the Christmas tree you patiently decorated for the last six hours. Cats are prone to chew on the wires leaving them exposed or even topple trees over. Consider discouraging your cat from going near the tree or if possible, place the tree in a room the cat cannot get to.
  • Where are my aluminum tree fans? I know there are bound to be a few of you! There is a reason aluminum trees come with a lit color wheel – it is a major fire hazard to string any sort of lights on an aluminum tree. Stick with hanging only ornaments on these shiny blast from the past trees!
  • Always, I repeat, always turn off the Christmas tree lights before leaving the home and before bed time. Trust me, Santa can still find the tree even if it’s not lit. If you are like every other warm blooded human and tend to be a bit scatterbrained around the holidays, consider investing in a timer like this one or pick up one of these smart plugs that you can control from your smartphone!
  • There is something nostalgic and comforting about an “old fashion” Christmas tree, otherwise known as a tree strung with big vibrant C6 bulbs. If you are one of the few passing over the popular tiny white light themed trees and prefer a more traditional tree, proceed with caution. Unlike modern LED bulbs, C6 bulbs actually grow warm and can even be hot to touch. To avoid a potentially devastating disaster, consider the following: keep a real tree well watered, avoid placing the bulb directly on any branches, and turn off the lights when they start to get warm to touch.

From your family at the Frank Clarke Insurance Agency, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas!

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